My Journey on the Motherhood train

Despite being born with Sickle cell and being told time and time again I would not live pass a certain age (I am now way pass that age by the way), I always believed deep down in my heart that one day not only will I be married but I’ll also be a mum. I guess you could say I was working in faith without realising it. I got married at the age of 31 – yes, I know later than a lot of my peers, but hey, my hubby is simply the best! Continue reading

Against All Odds

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.’ This is one phrase I have always pondered over. It seems to focus on physical hurt and forget emotional hurt, words may not break my bones but it will break my heart. My bones can be mended with plaster and the pain soothed by using an analgesic but the last time I checked a plaster for the heart has not been invented yet neither is there an analgesic for a broken heart. So is it really true that words will never hurt me? Hmmm

As I ponder over this I think about some famous people like Continue reading

Sunshine through the rain

Life can be painful, it can be joyous but it is definitely ironic. I cannot say that I have experienced both extremes of joy and pain but I can say I have come close. Born into a fairly wealthy family and to a father who was ready to go to any length for his baby girl, I was a girl who had everything she had need for except one vital thing which money could not buy. I was born with a genetic disorder known as sickle cell anaemia. It is an
irreversible condition that I have to live with for the rest of my life.

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