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Hello there my name is Adetutu Emmanuel and I was born with a genetic disorder that affects the blood known as sickcle cell anemia. I spent a lot of my early life in hospital but as I grew older I learnt how to manage the situation better (all be it the hard way). As you can imagine growing up wasn’t much fun, I had to be extra careful not to use up too much energy, drink more water than the average child would appreciate all for the sake of keeping my oxygen level up. I was very skinny (not that I’ve gained a lot of weight) and also walk with a limp as a result of avascular necrosis a direct result of sickle cell disease. By the age  of 25 I have had two hip replacement operations (the hip bone on both legs replaced within a year).

Having being through all these and a lot more I am determined not to be limited by my disability but to accomplish all my heart desire. Hope you will join me on this journey of living a fullfied life regardless of the disability that has seemingly served as a stumbling block up until now and I hope that through this blog someone out there will be encouraged to do the same

5 thoughts on “About me

    • Thanks!! please check back from time to time and feel free to contribute and recommend people as well.

  1. WOW! Adetutu this is excellent stuff! Well done girl. I’m looking forward to reading, enjoying, laughing and sharing my own journey as well.

  2. Well done Tutu, someone sent the link to your blog to me and I read a few. Well written and genuine, keep it up.

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